Tractor KUBOTA cu cabina M5071 Narrow (73 CP)

Cod: M5071N-C-36

Tractor KUBOTA cu cabină M5071 Narrow (73 CP) cu 73 cai putere perfect pentru viticultură, agricultură, spaţii verzi.

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A new series of orchard tractors The new Kubota M5001 Narrow series is equipped with 4-cylinder V-3800 TIE 4F engines and 3B emission level. The M5071 Narrow model provides 73 hp (according to 97/68 EC) and is available both with and without cab (DTH - with open platform and roll protection system). Extra power The entire M5001N series has a 3.8 l engine, unique in its class, which gives it the power needed for any activity. DTH models have a special feature, reaching maximum performance at 2400 rpm, compared to the 2600 rpm required for cab tractors. You will definitely appreciate the low noise level. The Kubota M5001N transmission is available with two transmission variants: with 16 F / S speeds or a comfort transmission - with 36 F / S speeds, dual speed powershift. Both variants are highly efficient at both low and high speeds. A significant improvement is brought by the clutch knob in the standard 36/36 transmission equipment. Practical bi-speed turning system Starting with a turning angle of 35º, the Kubota bi-speed system increases the peripheral speed of the front wheels. The result is an extremely tight turning angle, which allows you to enter the row in a single attempt and maneuver the tractor easily through obstacles. The M5001N Series hydraulic system brings more power and performance. Thanks to the 3-point fastening system cat. II stable, tractors can lift heavy equipment easily, with a lifting capacity of 2300 kg. Increased flexibility The cab model of the M5001N series offers you the option to increase the number of front / rear hydraulic connections from 2 (standard) to 5 hydraulic connections with flow control, which allow you to perform various activities with a single machine, using up at 5 control units - greatly simplifying even the most demanding activities. For the DTH models of the series, 3 hydraulic sockets are available in the front. The M5001N series is also equipped with a powerful hydraulic pump. The capacity of the cab model up to 69 l / min is the basis for increased productivity and performance.

Caracteristici tehnice

Motor: Kubota V-3800 TIE 4F
Normă de poluare: TIE 4F
Transmisie-tip: KUBOTA
Cutie de viteze: 3 game sincronizate – 18 fata/8 spate
Fata 36 / Spate 36 cu Dual speed
Lungime totală 3950 mm
Laţime totală min.-max. 1400-1800 mm
Inalţime totală (DTH pliabil) 2360 mm (1415 mm)
Ampatament 2130 mm


Faţa: 1035-1329 mm
Spate: 936-1468 mm
Raza viraj (cu/fără frână) 3950 mm
Capacitate de ridicare: 2300 kg

Informații suplimentare

Dimensiuni 160 × 40 × 160 cm


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    Caracteristici tehnice

    • Latime de lucru fixa
    • Trupite pentru spargere crusta
    • Sistem de intoarcere hidraulic
    • Sasiu teava tubulara de 100 mm
    • Latime de lucru intre trupite 35 cm
    • Distanta intre trupite 95cm
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